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Precision Measurement Instruments

Otto Industrial Instruments provides Precision Measurement solutions to a variety of Industry sectors. Some of these Industries include: Manufacturing, Construction, Mining, Military, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Aviation, and Transport.

Our in-house metrology laboratory and workshop is set up to accommodate a range of Precision Measurement services. These include, repair, service, calibration, full restoration, modifications / customizing, manufacturing of parts and sales of new & replacement instruments. Quality brands supported include Mitutoyo, Starrett, Kroeplin.

Examples of Precision Measuring Instruments serviced:

Dial gauges, Dial indicators, Digimatic indicators, Calipers (vernier, dial, digimatic), Bore gauges, Gauge blocks, Height gauges (vernier, dial, digimatic), Levels (engineers & electronic), Micrometers (internal & external), Micrometer setting rods, Protractors (bevel & electronic), Rules, Squares (engineers & carpenters), Tape measures, Thickness gauges.