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Calibration Services, Service, Repair, Restoration & Modification of Mechanical Instruments in Brisbane

Establised in 1999, Otto Industrial Instruments is equipped to handle all your instrument needs, with access to a vast range of instrument brands

Located in Salisbury, Brisbane, Otto Industrial Instruments provides a Precision Instrument Service to a variety of industry sectors across Australia. Specialising in Mechanical Instrumentation, our in-house metrology laboratory and workshop is equipped to offer the repair, service, calibration services, full restoration, modifications and sales of a vast range of measuring equipment. Quality is integral to our business with our calibration service traceable to a National Standard. 

Old School Values, Up to Date Thinking

Remember the old school values that were the norm decades ago, the importance of honesty, integrity, loyalty, empathy and respect? Well, we’ve held onto this concept at Otto Industrial because it’s who we are and we feel there’s not enough of it. When you come to us for your industrial measuring instruments needs, you’ll experience old school knowledge with no bull.

With over 50 years of combined staff experience, we’re well known for our knowledge, efficiency, ease of business, precision and affordability. When you bring your industrial instruments to us, you won’t get out of date thinking or made to feel like another number in the queue; your job will be done right the first time with precision engineering, quality control and a one on one face to face service.

Feel confident handing over your measuring equipment. Contact us for a chat.

Precision Measuring Tools Australia

At Otto Industrial Instruments, our service area expands well beyond Brisbane. We service all of Queensland and Australia, making it easier for you to receive the best precision instrument service, wherever you are. 

Our services include:

Precision Instrument Calibration Brisbane

Looking to keep your quality system in check? We offer calibration services, including a pressure gauge calibration and torque wrench calibration service.  All calibration of measuring equipment includes a calibration reminder service.

Next time you type ‘tool calibration services near me’ into Google, skip the search and give us a call – (07) 3277 3971.

Precision Instrument Repair and service

To maintain the accuracy and operation of your instruments, reduce production downtime, defects and quality headaches, book your tools in for a regular service or call us about a repair. We’re meticulous and quick, with torque wrench repairs and pressure gauge repairs our speciality.

Precision Instrument Modifications and customisations

There’s almost nothing we can’t do at Otto Industrial. If we need to machine small parts or components, we’re fully equipped to do so. We also have a vast range of instrument brands for sale including Mitutoyo, Starrett, Kroeplin, Stahlwille, Warren & Brown, Norbar, Tecsis, Wika, Floyd, Ambit, Sokkia & Lutron and are the distributors for Pi Tape in Australia. Shop Pi tapes. If you’re looking for an instrument at a fraction of the cost of a new one, we have a selection of refurbished instruments available for purchase. Shop refurbished tools.

Industrial equipment serviced by Otto Industrial Instruments

We can accommodate the repair, service, calibration, full restoration, modification, manufacturing of parts and sales of new and replacement instruments in the following categories:

Dial gauges, Dial indicators, Digimatic indicators, Calipers (vernier, dial, digimatic), Bore gauges, Gauge blocks, Height gauges (vernier, dial, digimatic), Levels (engineers & electronic), Micrometers (internal & external), Micrometer setting rods, Protractors (bevel & electronic), Rules, Squares (engineers & carpenters), Tape measures, Thickness gauges.

General Industrial gauges, Liquid filled gauges, Precision test gauges, Low pressure ‘Capsule’ gauges, Vacuum gauges, Refinery gauges, Safety pattern gauges, Diaphragm seal gauges, Schaffer type gauges, Pressure gauges fitted with electrical contacts, Manometers, Digital pressure gauges & indicators, Tyre pressure gauges & inflators, Backflow prevention gauges, Differential gauges.

Deflecting beam torque wrenches, Dial type torque wrenches, Micrometer adjustable wrenches, Automatic reset torque wrenches, Electronic torque wrenches, Industrial torque wrenches, dial type torque screwdrivers, Micrometer adjustable torque screwdrivers, slipper type torque handles, bottle top torque meters, Torque testers.

Auto levels, Altimeters, Barometers, Brakemeters (Tapley), Cable tensiometers, Chart recorders, Counters, Durometers (Shore A & D), Force gauges, Haughmeters, Hardness testers, Hygrometers, Introscope, Multimeters, Paint thickness gauges, Pi-Tape, Spring testers, Tachometers (Photo / Contact), Weighing devices & Scales.

If you too are a stickler for ease of use, attention to detail, old school values, and excellent customer service, give us a call. From calibration services to refurbished instruments, we’ve got you covered, Australia wide.