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Calibration, Repair & Service of Precision Industrial Instruments

Establised in 1999, Otto Industrial Instruments is equipped to handle all your instrument needs, with access to a vast range of instrument brands

Dial gauges, Dial indicators, Digimatic indicators, Calipers (vernier, dial, digimatic), Bore gauges, Gauge blocks, Height gauges (vernier, dial, digimatic), Levels (engineers & electronic), Micrometers (internal & external), Micrometer setting rods, Protractors (bevel & electronic), Rules, Squares (engineers & carpenters), Tape measures, Thickness gauges.

General Industrial gauges, Liquid filled gauges, Precision test gauges, Low pressure ‘Capsule’ gauges, Vacuum gauges, Refinery gauges, Safety pattern gauges, Diaphragm seal gauges, Schaffer type gauges, Pressure gauges fitted with electrical contacts, Manometers, Digital pressure gauges & indicators, Tyre pressure gauges & inflators, Backflow prevention gauges, Differential gauges.

Deflecting beam torque wrenches, Dial type torque wrenches, Micrometer adjustable wrenches, Automatic reset torque wrenches, Electronic torque wrenches, Industrial torque wrenches, dial type torque screwdrivers, Micrometer adjustable torque screwdrivers, slipper type torque handles, bottle top torque meters, Torque testers.

Auto levels, Altimeters, Barometers, Brakemeters (Tapley), Cable tensiometers, Chart recorders, Counters, Durometers (Shore A & D), Force gauges, Haughmeters, Hardness testers, Hygrometers, Introscope, Multimeters, Paint thickness gauges, Pi-Tape, Spring testers, Tachometers (Photo / Contact), Weighing devices & Scales.

Located in Brisbane, South East Queensland, Otto Industrial Instruments provides a Precision Instrument Service to a variety of industry sectors. Specializing in Mechanical Instrumentation, our in-house metrology laboratory and workshop is equipped to offer Repair, Service, Calibration, Full Restoration, Modifications & Sales of a vast range of measuring equipment. Our calibration service is Traceable to a National Standard.

Otto Industrial Instruments
The Australian Distributors for Pi Tapes

Our precision diameter tapes are manufactured to exacting standards in temperature controlled facilities at 68°F (20°C). The lines and numerals on our standard tapes are engraved and acid etched on a ground surface.

The tapes have fixed readings that do not require periodic adjustments. Our standard Imperial tapes (inches) read to 0.001″ diameter with an accuracy of ±0.001″ up to 144 inches. Our standard metric tapes (millimeters) read to 0.01mm diameter with an accuracy of ±0.03mm up to 3,600 millimeters.

Otto Industrial Team

About Otto Industrial Instruments

“We pride ourselves on exceeding our customers expectations through providing competent, friendly and professional service with ‘Attention to Detail’ our key focus.”

Otto Industrial Instruments was established in 1999 after the acquisition of the Industrial Instrument sector of the original ‘Lionel Otto Instruments / Otto Industries’ company.

Managing Director, Allan Barber, has a wealth of hands-on experience in repairing precision instruments. After completing a 4 year Watch & Clock making apprenticeship, Allan gained valuable experience working and training under the guidance of Mr Lionel Otto, the founder of the original 40 year old business. Further mechanical engineering studies and training have equipped Allan with knowledge that is used daily in his chosen profession.

Today, with combined staff experience exceeding 20 years in the precision instrument field, Otto Industrial Instruments is well equipped to handle all your instrument needs. We are an independently owned company that has access to a vast range of instrument brands. We are therefore able to advise & supply the instrument that best suits your application. If we are unable to advise a solution to your enquiry, we may be able to put you in contact with someone who can.

Our in-house metrology laboratory and workshop is set up to accommodate a range of services. These include, repair, service, calibration, full restoration, modifications / customizing, manufacturing of parts and sales of new & replacement instruments.

We understand how important it is to have your equipment available to use and not out of service at a repair facility. Scheduling your items in for repair or calibration prior to drop off will help to lessen the time you are without your equipment. At Otto Industrial Instruments we aim to provide a fast & efficient turn around time.

Our Services

Calibration of Industrial Precision Instruments

Industrial Instrument Calibration

Otto Industrial Instruments can assist with one off instrument calibration or we can work with you to create a regular calibration program that meets your Companys Quality System guidelines. All calibrations performed are Traceable to a National Standard. A test report is issued with each calibration and our calibration system produces and sends a Re-Cal reminder notice at the designated calibration interval.

Repair and Service of Industrial Precision Instruments

Repair and Service

Attention to detail is the key to our business longevity. Whether your instrument requires a minor repair or a complete service, our trained technicians are skilled at maintaining the instruments condition, which is imperative to achieving its desired application. As agents for many of the leading precision instrument manufacturers we have access to a range of parts that may be required to complete the job. If the cost of repair or service becomes uneconomical we can provide a quotation on a suitable replacement instrument.

Full Restoration of Industrial Precision Instruments

Full Restoration

Some older instruments are regarded by their owners as having a special significance. Antique instrument restoration is a service we provide for people wanting to restore an older mechanical piece to its former glory. We can offer a full mechanical overhaul as well as case restoration e.g brass/metal polishing, wooden case cleaning. Antique barometers are a specialty.

modifications of Industrial Precision Instruments

Modifications and Customisations

What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to machine small parts or components, if necessary, in our job of repairing an instrument. Our fully equipped workshop is set up to complement our service department. We are also able to supply & customize metrology & ancillary equipment & fittings.

product sales at Otto Industrial Instruments

Product Sales

Otto Industrial Instruments have access to a range of new instruments used across various Industry sectors. As agents/resellers for many brands, we are able to offer these at competitive prices. Some of the quality brands we support are: Mitutoyo, Starrett, Kroeplin, Stahlwille, Warren & Brown, Norbar, Tecsis, Wika, Floyd, Ambit, Sokkia, Lutron. ‘See our monthly specials for added value’

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