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Torque Instruments

Otto Industrial Instruments provides Torque solutions to a variety of Industry sectors. Some of these Industries include: Manufacturing, Construction, Mining, Military, Pharmaceutical, Aviation, Automotive and Transport.

Our in-house metrology laboratory and workshop is set up to accommodate a range of Torque services. These include, repair, service, calibration, full restoration, modifications / customizing, manufacturing of parts and sales of new & replacement instruments. Quality brands supported include Stahlwille, Warren & Brown, Norbar.

Examples of Torque Equipment serviced:

Deflecting beam torque wrenches, Dial type torque wrenches, Micrometer adjustable wrenches, Automatic reset torque wrenches, Electronic torque wrenches, Industrial torque wrenches, dial type torque screwdrivers, Micrometer adjustable torque screwdrivers, slipper type torque handles, bottle top torque meters, Torque testers.

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