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Why Do We Need Calibration? The Risks of Being Late

Why do we need calibration? We put our faith in the measuring equipment we use, but how do we know the measurements we’re taking are accurate? Not only does the equipment need to be calibrated on time to meet specific codes and standards, it’s vital that you, as a business owner, ensure that your equipment is appropriately tested and measured for safety reasons.

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Why Do We Calibrate?

Why do we calibrate instruments? It’s because you need to be confident in the results you are yielding. Measurements need to be accurate, and therefore, the machine you are testing must be able to maintain appropriate calibration throughout its shelf life. Uncertainty and inaccuracy can be solved via appropriate and timely calibration, as can traceability. An instrument under test (IUT) or reference instrument will serve as a point of comparison with a calibration standard, and this is a necessary service – one that should be budgeted and planned for.

Who do I see for the calibration of measuring equipment?

Otto Industrial Instruments is an example of experts equipped to perform calibrations. Our personnel have received calibration training, and they have been assessed as competent by a testing authority. What this means is, our staff are qualified not only to perform the calibration but to sign your calibration certificate and test reports.

Calibration is intricate and not a standalone process.  The service and repair of an instrument are essential in getting a piece of equipment back into calibration and unfortunately, is something many businesses do not do; therefore, calibrations fail.

To calibrate a piece of equipment, it requires a fundamental mechanical understanding of how the equipment works. This is something that takes years of on the job and problem-solving experience. It’s more than just knowing how to use an instrument; as experts in our field, we have stripped down each component and know how each and every component works. Problem-solving and fault-finding skills are essential yet dying skill these days with the use of computers which is why using industrial instrument experts such as Otto Industrial makes sense if you want to look after your equipment and work with accuracy.

How often do I get my measuring equipment calibrated?

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as an annual calibration and is dependent on many sensitive factors. For example, you should consider the impact the instrument will have if it doesn’t deliver the correct measurements – the safety impact, the environmental impact, the monetary impact. How long is your business prepared to risk the equipment being faulty given this impact? Usually, you’ll find a manufacturers calibration interval recommendation on the equipment which is based on their knowledge of the equipment’s history.

Trust the Experts

At Otto Industrial Instruments, we believe in an open and transparent relationship with our clientele. Our staff have over fifty years worth of combined experience and industry knowledge. We carefully monitor and inspect our procedures throughout the process to give a full compliance report to our customers. We are accountable, professional and hold ourselves to the highest industry standards. If you’ve asked yourself, “why do we need calibration” and are unsure of the answer, please give us a call, and we can answer your questions.

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